There’s No Michelle Trachtenberg News. That’s the News.
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Yes, hello, hi. There hasn’t been much activity on this site recently for one simple reason: There hasn’t really been a lot of Michelle Trachtenberg activity lately!

Well, okay, that’s not totally true. The best source of Michelle images and information is her Instagram, which still gets some great pictures (and videos!) posted to it. It’s a great place to look!

Other than that… not so much so far! No word on what Michelle’s currently working on (including the “Untitled Period Piece”) – but rest assured, as soon as there’s something to know it will be posted here!

And, of course, any new images will be added to the gallery as soon as I can. When there are new images. Which there will be.

In the mean time you can follow the site on Twitter, check out a daily – and random – Michelle image over at Random Trachtenberg on Tumblr, or just look at these great Boomerang videos Michelle posted recently!

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