Michelle Trachtenberg – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where would I know Michelle from?
A. Most likely you’ll know Michelle from either her role in seasons 5, 6 & 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Dawn Summers, her recurring role on Gossip Girl as Georgina Sparks, or even from Harriet the Spy as Harriet M Welsch. Or maybe you were a really big Truth or Scare fan.

Q. What is Michelle currently working on?
A. The only upcoming Michelle Trachtenberg (as of June 2016) is the film “Sister Cities“, which is due for release some time in 2016. Other than that, Michelle has mentioned working on some writing projects, but there are currently no further details about that.

Q. Is Michelle on social media?
A. Yes! She currently has a Twitter page (semi-regularly updated) and an Instagram page (more frequently updated). She also has a MySpace page (hahaha, seriously? It’s MySpace) from back when MySpace was a thing. She is not on Facebook or Snapchat.

Q. Michelle’s Twitter bio describes her as an “actress/producer/writer/believer in Unicorns”. I know about her acting, and who doesn’t believe in unicorns, but what has she written and produced?
A. So far, the only thing that she’s been a producer of is the web series “Guidance” where she was an executive producer. There has yet been nothing released that she wrote, but she is a member of the Writers Guild, so maybe we’ll see something soon. There was at once point an “Untitled Michelle Trachtenberg Crime Drama”, which I believe was a project that she would have written, produced and starred in – but unfortunately that seems to have died several years ago.

Q. Has Michelle ever done any nudity?
A. Without getting too creepy about it, the answer is: Sort of. The only actually “nudity” Michelle Trachtenberg has done was in the film “Beautiful Ohio“. While she was technically naked, she was only shown from the back, and then only at a distance. Apart from that, there is nothing (and it doesn’t matter because she’s amazing whatever she is or is not wearing).

Q. Actually, you’re wrong. You see, in the uncut version of “Eurotrip”, there was a scen-
A. It’s fake. That scene you’re referring to, the image or gif you’ve seen? It’s a fake. There is no mythical “uncut” version of Eurotrip where Michelle is topless. There is a deleted scene where it happens but you don’t actually see anything and she never actually filmed topless and seriously I said I didn’t want to get too creepy about this.

Q. Does Michelle have a boyfriend? 
A. Who knows! Michelle keeps her private live private, and that’s fine because otherwise why would it be called a “private” life??

Q. Hey that Michelle Trachtenberg, she only plays crazy people!! Why does she only play crazy people???
A. While some of her more notable roles, such as Georgina Sparks, or her guest spot on Criminal Minds, has her playing a ‘crazy’ person, she has actually played a wide variety of roles. I’d suggest you check out the short lived TV show Mercy, where she played a naive first year nurse, and the TV Movie “Killing Kennedy”, where she played Lee Harvey Oswald’s wife, Marina (no seriously she’s amazing in it you need to check it out).


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