Michelle at Rhode Island Comic Con
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So Michelle made one of her very first convention appearances this weekend at the Rhode Island Comic Con, and of course lots of lucky people got to meet her, and have been posting all their pictures… so here they are!

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Me and Michelle Trachtenberg with @lauriep23

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Michelle’s also going to Wales Comic Con at the start of next month, so hopefully there will be more photos then!

Gallery Update: Crumbs and Whiskers Kitten Party A Cat Cafe Experience in LA
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Another Michelle Trachtenberg update! That’s three in a week!

Michelle Trachtenberg loves cats and so of course she went to a cat café yesterday – and there were pictures of it!

And they’ve been added to the gallery!

And you can see them right here!

Also she posted this video of one of that cats at the event and it’s worth watching:

Galleries Updated – 01/12/17
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There’s not one but two new albums in the photo gallery!

Yes Michelle went to two events yesterday apparently and so the photos of her looking amazing as usual are now in the gallery:

Christian Siriano Celebrates the Launch Of His New Book ‘Dresses To Dream About’

LAND of distraction Launch Event

Michelle Trachtenberg at Halloween – 2017
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We’ve had a look at Michelle’s (first?) costume for Halloween 2017: “Persephone, Queen of the Underworld.”

#aboutlastnight This year's costume: Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. ? (makeup by me) ? #halloween

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Photos of her in that amazing outfit from not one but TWO Halloween parties from Friday night are now in the gallery!

Casamigos Halloween Party 2017

Just Jared’s 6th Annual Halloween Party

Since Halloween is tomorrow, there’s still a chance of another costume from Michelle this year…

Galleries Updated – 3rd Annual InStyle Awards
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The galleries have been updated with over 30 photos of Michelle Trachtenberg looking stunning at the 3rd Annual InStyle Awards last night!

Check them out here!

Gallery Update – Maison St-Germain LA Debut Hosted By Lily Kwong
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Yes! That’s right! There are more new Michelle pictures and they’re in the gallery RIGHT NOW and you should probably check them out!

Click here to do it!

Gallery Updated: “Watch What Happens Live” Promotional Images
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The gallery has been updated again to include a whole load of promotional images from Michelle’s appearance on “Watch What Happens Live”, back on October 1st 2012.


I think it’s safe to say that these are actually some of the best pictures of Michelle ever. Because of her face.

Check out all 24 images in the gallery!