Michelle Teases Upcoming Project in Entertainment Weekly
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In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly for the 20th Anniversary of Harriet the Spy, Michelle drops a few teases about her upcoming projects:

“Though she can’t disclose much about her upcoming projects quite yet, Trachtenberg, who sold her first project at 23 (it was about a serial killer — “I’m so weird,” she says), hints that she’s currently putting together “a period piece that spans about a 30-year decade, starting in the ’50s. It’s a true story.” There’s also the pilot that she wrote about an “accessories editor who always wanted to be a writer.””

I’m guessing the serial killer project is the fabled “Untitled Michelle Trachtenberg Crime Drama” that was announced and forgotten a few years ago.

I cannot wait to find out more!

Read the full article on ew.com.

Galleries Updated
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Hi all,

I’ve made a couple of quick update to the image galleries, including some excellent UHQ pictures from a few years ago.

New Gallery

“Kathy” Promotional Stills

Updated Galleries

The Art of Elysium’s 7th Annual HEAVEN Gala
TheWrap Presents 1st Inaugural Emmy Celebration
Casa Tequila Halloween party in Beverly Hills
Just Jared’s Annual Halloween Party in LA
Genlux Magazine Shoot

Check them out!

Don’t forget I’ll also keep posting any updates on the site’s Twitter page!



Michelle Trachtenberg This Halloween
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Happy Halloween!

Although she had to delay wearing it by a day, as she wasn’t able to attend her usual Halloween party because she was filming (WHAT WAS SHE FILMING??), we eventually got to see Michelle’s costume last night.

As she does every Halloween, Michelle knocked it out of the park with her costume, going with a “Secret Garden” theme:

Welcome to The Secret Garden. #Halloween (makeup by me) ????? ?

A photo posted by Michelle Trachtenberg (@michelletrachtenberg) on

She wore the costume (with all the make-up done entirely herself!) to the Just Jared Halloween Party, and you can see more of the amazing costume in our image gallery!


What’s Your Favourite Michelle Trachtenberg Halloween Costume?
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Halloween is just a week away, and I have no doubt that Michelle is hard at work on her costume. To celebrate her favourite holiday, I’ve put together a selection of her previous outfits, so that we can see what your favourite Michelle Trachtenberg Halloween costume is! Unfortunatly I’ve had to whittle it down to only four options (blame Twitter polls!), but I think these are easily four of the best:

1) Tim Burton’s “Blue Girl with Wine”

2) Black Dahlia

3) Porcelain Doll

4) The Ice Queen

Cast your vote using this Twitter poll – it ends in one week (on Halloween) when we’ll see which costume was the most popular, and hopefully her new costume for this year!

Michelle Trachtenberg This Week – October 23rd 2016
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Not much to say this week, presumably Michelle is hard at work on her Halloween costume for next week. BUT we did get this amazing selfie!

Michelle Thanks Her Instagram Fans for Birthday Messages
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Michelle’s made quite a few fan’s day yesterday as she liked several of the Happy Birthday messages people sent to her on Instagram:

OMG thank you so much @michelletrachtenberg !!!!!?????? ??? It's an honour for my ???

A photo posted by Alice~Joan summers? and 324b21 (@scoobygang_bae) on

I can't believe she liked 3 of my pics!! ???

A photo posted by Spuffy ?? (@buffyandthevampire) on

Seeing the large amount of Happy Birthday messages across Twitter and Instagram on Tuesday was amazing, but it’s especially nice to see that she appreciates them as well!

Happy Birthday Michelle!
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Today marks Michelle Trachtenberg’s 31st Birthday, and what better way for her to start it than in finding solidarity with a cat?


While there’s definitely been some quiet spots during the year, looking back on it as a whole… she’s actually been pretty busy? We got not one but two films with her, as well as a couple of guest appearances, and A LOT of Instagram posts. Lets’s take a look, shall we, at the highlights of Michelle’s 30th year…

Michelle look amazing at her 30th birthday party (seriously, that dress) and was kind enough to share some photos and a video of it on her Instagram page:

She attended the Maison Margiela “Smells Like Memories” Event in Beverly Hills in some frankly amazing boots:
mt-7994 mt-7992

Hanging out with her still-wife Zelda Williams:

She attended the Sixth-Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in Pacific Palisades, once again with Zelda Williams!

mt-8004 mt-8016

And that was all before Halloween! Spoilers: Michelle Trachtenberg is great at Halloween.

mt-8055 mt-8059

And then to close off 2015, Michelle Trachtenberg wore a top with a dog on it at the Balmain x H&M Los Angeles VIP Pre-Launch in West Hollywood. It was pretty great.

mt-8067 mt-8068

But than, at Christmas, we got… The Christmas Gift?? This Lifetime original film was, uh, certainly a Christmas film! But of course Michelle looked amazing in it, so.

mt-8078 mt-8079


As 2016 started, we got Michelle in a wonderful dress at The Art of Elysium 2016 HEAVEN Gala in Culver City:
mt-8111 CULVER CITY, CA - JANUARY 09: Actress Michelle Trachtenberg attends The Art of Elysium 2016 HEAVEN Gala presented by Vivienne Westwood & Andreas Kronthaler at 3LABS on January 9, 2016 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Art of Elysium)

(seriously, that second picture of one of my favourite Michelle pictures this year)


@theartofelysium #heaven gala with the wifey @zeldawilliams. #michelda Vivienne Westwood is about to show us her vision of #heaven2016 ?

A photo posted by Michelle Trachtenberg (@michelletrachtenberg) on

She tried out some fragrances and met up with fellow Buffy cast member Eliza Dushku at the Imagine Vince Camuto Launch Event:

Imagine Vince Camuto Launch Event at the Home of The A ListÕs Ashlee Margolis Imagine Vince Camuto Launch Event at the Home of The A ListÕs Ashlee Margolis Imagine Vince Camuto Launch Event at the Home of The A List's Ashlee Margolis

She wore somehow yet another amazing dress at the ‘Geezer’ World Premiere at 2016 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City:

Cast and VIPs at World Premiere of "GEEZER" at 2016 Tribeca Film Fest in NYC Cast and VIPs at World Premiere of "GEEZER" at 2016 Tribeca Film Fest in NYC

Looked actually perfect at TASCHEN Hosts Opening Reception For Michael Muller’s Book ‘Shark’:

TASCHEN Hosts Opening Reception For Michael Muller's Book "Shark" TASCHEN Hosts Opening Reception For Michael Muller's Book "Shark"

So Michelle’s Lydia Hearst got married this year, and it meant that not only did we get some great photos of Michelle at the batchelorette weekend  OUTSIDE??? IN NATURE???

Just #horsing around at @lydiahearst's #bachelorette weekend. #hearstwick ????

A photo posted by Michelle Trachtenberg (@michelletrachtenberg) on

It's just a bunch of #bull sh*t ? #hearstwick

A photo posted by Michelle Trachtenberg (@michelletrachtenberg) on

But we also got some lovely pictures from the day itself:

That seems like quite a lot for a year! But there was still a whole nother film to come out. Sister Cities, filmed last year, was finally released and shown on Lifetime.

mt-8317 mt-8319

sistercities01a sister-cities-01

Featuring what I feel is some of the best acting Michelle has ever done (and that is actually saying something!) I really hope this gets some recognition during the next year. If you’re in the US and Canada, you can even watch it on Netflix RIGHT NOW!

But as well as the release of the film, we also got a premiere! And Michelle was there! And she looked amazing!

mt-8413 mt-8438 mt-8446 mt-8458 mt-8470 mt-8510 mt-8587

(seriously it was really hard to whittle down all those images to just 7… they’re all great pictures… look at them all!)

You can view my full recap of the premiere here.

What better way to finish this recap of the year than with Michelle’s visit to Disneyland?

#latergram…. I wonder why @lydiahearst & @thetylershields chose these #maleficent #mickey ears for me ? ??? #disneyland

A photo posted by Michelle Trachtenberg (@michelletrachtenberg) on

(I’m sorry, this is still one of the best videos ever)

BUT WAIT THERE’S JUST ONE MORE THING. We got a surprise guest appearance from Michelle on the Food Network show “Chopped Junior

Which I would highly recommend if you’re a fan of Michelle Trachtenberg and her face and how great her face is. It’s probably going to keep me going in gifs for a while now!

So that was this year! AND IT WAS PRETTY DAMN GREAT, if you ask me.

I hope Michelle has an amazing birthday and that once again she just keeps putting photos on to Instagram because they’re always the best.

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