Gallery Updated: “Watch What Happens Live” Promotional Images
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The gallery has been updated again to include a whole load of promotional images from Michelle’s appearance on “Watch What Happens Live”, back on October 1st 2012.


I think it’s safe to say that these are actually some of the best pictures of Michelle ever. Because of her face.

Check out all 24 images in the gallery!

New Photos: RED Suite Opening at Andaz West Hollywood
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Hey look at that, some more new Michelle photos! New pictures of Michelle at the RED Suite Opening at Andaz West Hollywood last Thursday have been added to the gallery.

Sadly only three (at the moment), but that’s still better than none!

Check them out!

Michelle Celebrates Buffy’s 20th Anniversary
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Last Friday, the 10th of March, marked the 20th Anniversary of the first airing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Michelle joined her other castmates in remembering the landmark TV show.

Firstly, she joined several of the cast in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, looking back on various aspects of the show – and finally revealing why she doesn’t really attend a lot of fan conventions!

“The reason I haven’t partaken in some of the fan conventions is because I did one 15 years ago and a guy handed me his eye lashes in an envelope.”

That seems fair.

On the day itself, Michelle went to both Twitter and Instagram to share her fond memories of the show:

Happy 20 year #anniversary to #buffythevampireslayer. I was 14 when I was cast for season 5 as #dawn. The sister #buffy never had. Oh. And the key to mankind's survival. No big. I learned so much from watching the cast, and watching Sarah kill it (pun intended). I grew 5 inches during the course of the show. I always wished the magic shop was real. I sang a song about anchovies on pizza, because one of our writers loved anchovies and her favorite pizza chain had just taken them off the menu because they weren't a popular topping. And she thought if Dawn sang: "Anchovies anchovies you're so delicious, I love you more than all the other fishes!" That they might put them back on the menu. Problem was. I hate anchovies. So I came up with the idea that we can make shiitake mushrooms look like anchovies (cue everyone zooming in on the pizza I'm holding in that scene). There was the time Buffy had to tackle Dawn and my padded bra blocked her closeup, and I knew it was time to accept that my boobies would come in time just not at that time. There was the time I had no idea what "Hogwarts" was, and when I asked during rehearsal what that was, you could hear a pin drop cuz everyone was so shocked I didn't know; by the time I got back to my trailer after filming the scene, Joss had sent his assistant to get me the first couple of books and he signed it, so now I have to have JK Rowling sign it and my inner child will rejoice. There was the time Joel Grey sang to me my favorite song from Cabaret 'the key' before his character tried to kill me. Oh. And there was the time we were all a part of a great show that meant something to so many people. That is fucking cool. Thank you to all of the fans, you slay us. And if you go out to celebrate tonight. Be back before Dawn. ???

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And of course she connected with her friend/sister Sarah Michelle Gellar:


Now that it’s all over, she even went and thanked her fans for the lovely comments!






Of course, there’s still this photo from a “secret photoshoot”…

A lot of the speculation was that this was for a Buffy 20th Anniversary photoshoot, but nothing like that has (so far) come out. Maybe in the next few days? Or maybe it’s for another project…?

New Photos: Tyler Ellis Celebrates 5th Anniversary at Chateau Marmont
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Hey would you look at that! Some new photos of Michelle in 2017!

The image gallery has been updated with 48 photos of Michelle looking amazing on the 31st of January:

Tyler Ellis Celebrates 5th Anniversary at Chateau Marmont

There may be other photos to be added, so watch this space!

EDIT: 02/02/17 – 19 more HQ images have been added!


Galleries Updated!
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Hi everyone!

I’ve managed to update the galleries with one new-old photos!

Check out what’s been added:

New Album
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2013 – Marchesa – After Party

Updated Albums
Sixth-Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in Pacific Palisades (52 new HQ images)
Mercy” Promotional Images – Chloe Payne (15 new HQ images)
“Mercy” Promotional Images – Group (3 new HQ images)
4th Annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards – Arrivals and Show (5 new HQ images)


As always, follow the site on Twitter to make sure you get the latest updates!

“Sister Cities” Going Global
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As reported by, it looks like Sister Cities is starting to be shown outside of the US!

So far the only confirmed airings of the film are in Greece and Asia:

Greece – Cosmote Cinema 2 HD, Wednesday, 25 January at 10pm

Asia – Lifetime Asia, Wednesday, 25 January at 9pm SIN/HK (GMT +8), adjust times accordingly

Hopefully this means that the film will start to become more available across most of the world – including, hopefully, being available on streaming services in different countries.

Sister Cities is currently available to watch in the US on both iTunes and Netflix.

See more images from Sister Cities in our Gallery!

“Guidance” Available to Watch in the UK
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Hi all!

Sorry it’s been a bit quiet over the last month, there hasn’t been that much Michelle Trachtenberg in the last month or so.

But here’s some good news! Michelle’s web series “Guidance”, which until now has only been available to watch in the US, is being shown on the UK TV Channel ITV2. The first episode was broadcast today (Sunday 8th January), and can be watched now on the ITV Hub right here. As far as I know this can only be watched from within the UK.

Hopefully this means that Guidance will soon be available to watch across most of the world.

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