Michelle at Rhode Island Comic Con
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So Michelle made one of her very first convention appearances this weekend at the Rhode Island Comic Con, and of course lots of lucky people got to meet her, and have been posting all their pictures… so here they are!

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Me and Michelle Trachtenberg with @lauriep23

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Michelle’s also going to Wales Comic Con at the start of next month, so hopefully there will be more photos then!

Happy Birthday Michelle! (33)!
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Yes that’s right, today is Michelle Trachtenberg’s 33rd Birthday!

It’s been a bit dead in terms of Michelle Trachtenberg news this year… mostly because she’s been spending a lot of time writing a whole bunch of new projects! BUT that doesn’t mean it was a bad Michelle Trachtenberg year…

Especially not if it starts of like this, with Michelle at the 3rd Annual InStyle Awards!

And, of course, it wouldn’t be Michelle Trachtenberg in October without a Halloween costume…

Casamigos Halloween Party 2017
Just Jared’s 6th Annual Halloween Party

And there was this appearance at the LAND of distraction Launch Event

And after that it was just… Instagram.

A lot of Instagram.

That was until recently this year… when cats happened!

Crumbs and Whiskers Kitten Party A Cat Cafe Experience in LA

And, most recently, the L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade 2018 event.

But that’s not all! It was announced that Michelle will soon be doing her first ever convention appearances in Rhode Island and Wales!

So hopefully Michelle’s year of 33 see not only see lots of great stories and photos from her convention appearances, but also more information on her various writing projects!

Another Convention Appearance Added – Rhode Island Comic Con
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It never rains but it pours with Michelle Trachtenberg news, apparently!

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Michelle will be at the Wales Comic Con in December, it has now also been announced that she will be a guest at the Rhode Island Comic Con at the start of November!

It’s definitely looking like Michelle has started to ease back on her policy of never attending a convention – hopefully this means more to come in the future!

Gallery Update: Crumbs and Whiskers Kitten Party A Cat Cafe Experience in LA
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Another Michelle Trachtenberg update! That’s three in a week!

Michelle Trachtenberg loves cats and so of course she went to a cat café yesterday – and there were pictures of it!

And they’ve been added to the gallery!

And you can see them right here!

Also she posted this video of one of that cats at the event and it’s worth watching:

New Details on Michelle’s Writing Projects
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In case you’ve been wondering what exactly Michelle Trachtenberg has been up to these last few months, it turns out she was writing scripts. Specifically three scrips, which she has also apparently sold!

We know that one of the scripts is titled “Ellington House”, which could be the ““period piece that spans about a 30-year [period], starting in the ’50s.” that was mentioned several months ago.

The details were actually revealed by Michelle’s hair stylist in an Instagram post a few days ago:

Hopefully we’ll get more information on these scripts as they continue in development!

Michelle to Make Rare Convention Appearance in Wales of All Places
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Wales Comic Con today announced that their latest guest was no other than Michelle Trachtenberg herself!

This is kind of a big deal as Michelle has, traditionally, never really been into doing public appearances. In fact I don’t think she’s really done anything since she was actually in Buffy, which was well over 15 years ago now!

Hopefully this is only the start and Michelle will make many more appearances in the future, as a lot of fans have certainly been wanting her to do so.

There’s No Michelle Trachtenberg News. That’s the News.
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Yes, hello, hi. There hasn’t been much activity on this site recently for one simple reason: There hasn’t really been a lot of Michelle Trachtenberg activity lately!

Well, okay, that’s not totally true. The best source of Michelle images and information is her Instagram, which still gets some great pictures (and videos!) posted to it. It’s a great place to look!

Other than that… not so much so far! No word on what Michelle’s currently working on (including the “Untitled Period Piece”) – but rest assured, as soon as there’s something to know it will be posted here!

And, of course, any new images will be added to the gallery as soon as I can. When there are new images. Which there will be.

In the mean time you can follow the site on Twitter, check out a daily – and random – Michelle image over at Random Trachtenberg on Tumblr, or just look at these great Boomerang videos Michelle posted recently!